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"Ugh…" It seems she had just woken up from a long slumber, but for some reason…she doesn’t remember falling asleep in the first place. She took a moment to put her vision into focus, and realizes that she’s in a library of some sort, sitting on a desk with a book left open before her.

"How long…was I out?"

Blonde tresses would bounce along until he saw an unfamiliar face resting atop a textbook, holding back a chuckle as it reminded him of a familiar dealer. Though that didn’t last all too long as she woke, shuffling closer as he glanced up at the time

"I dunno how long you were out for but
it’s almost like.. five in the afternoon!
That musta been some nap—”
          though he paused

           ”I don’t think I’ve seen you round
               before! Names Jack!




"Cute." she giggled, imagining him and a smaller version of him frantic over the plastic frisbee hitting the leaves. "So your family knows of your talents as well." 


A soft thought crossed her mind about her talents. The only person in her family who had witnessed it was cousin Pavel, and he was long gone in a vegetated state back in Russia. Then there were her parents, she never told them about her transfer to the Institute, granted they already trusted her to make wise decisions and she was technically of age to do so…

"Wh-!!" she was thrown off by his comment. "Don’t flatter yourself, it was out of pity." she smirked.

"Yeah! I think I startled pops though, I used to flick peas at the dinner table and hit my bro in the head. Dad had nooo idea how I was doing it! But I told them weird stuff was happening and they kinda clicked on to what was going on. I guess I was pretty lucky with that stuff, they were always super supportive. Like the time they thought I was gay!!! That was a wild week.” he shook his head with a small smile as though reminiscing over such a strange turn of events.

"Yeah yeah whatever you say, but it’s totally true! I’ll bet you were suuuper intrigued and just had to know more!” he let out a giggle as arms folded behind his head, though instantly toning his mood down as he noted the briefly pensive expression that had etched its’ way over her features. His lips would purse tentatively, tilting his head in her general direction all while trying to remain subtle “ah.. I’m guessing your family don’t know about yours?? I—I mean.. you kinda went all quiet” and with that his brows would furrow.


A drummer! Percussion wasn’t her expertise but that didn’t mean she didn’t value those who played instruments in that category. And besides, they weren’t useless. On the contrary percussionists were vital to keep tempo! Oh, but she was losing herself in her own mind. This thinking could go on and on if she didn’t force herself back to present.


"It’s a passion of mine, you can say. Music has always held a special place in my heart and when I’m not doing school related things I’m actually writing or playing music. I usually sing but I can play a couple instruments too. You should really invite me to your practices sometime! I’d really love to hear you guys! I’m sure it’d be a blast~"

And on top of that she could probably try her hand at writing something for them to play so long as they liked it. Everything was just clicking so well together that Sora couldn’t stop herself from grinning. It was almost awkward, knowing that on a normal day she would have excused herself long ago but here they were, moving on to discuss music on their way to the cafeteria. Awkward, yet refreshing.

The expression that crossed her visage was enough to warm his heart “Woooooooah no way for reals!? That’s super cool I haven’t met anyone who’s into music and stuff. I can’t write anything cause the words just get super jumbled and don’t make much sense but its okay! I can keep a mean beat and I can play hot cross buns on kings bass so there’s that!” he beamed at the mere prospect of talking music with someone who was as passionate as he was, practically trying not to bounce on the balls of his feet as they idly moved along towards the cafeteria. 

"I’d totally have to check with the guys first, we’ve only really played for the people in our class but if they said it was okay I’d totally let you drop in! My gal likes to sit in sometimes but then I get yelled at cause she’s real pretty and distracts me and I lose count." his smile became innocent as he ran his fingers through the back of his hair, completely ignoring the fact he had been bleeding moments prior.

"You’ve probably guessed i’m a total air head by now. I’m surprised you can keep up with me without tuning out to be honest!” he chirped happily as they were hit with the cool air, secretly happy to be out of the sun for a little while “Though I’m curious, what got you into music? You seem super duper into it and stuff so~”

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━  ⊴〢ƚσყ ʂσʅԃιҽɾ 〣 ⊵  

                Swift bewilderment befell her once the other began
                to speak. Sure,Jack was more or less known for his
                rather awkward comments yet this did even make her
                wonder for the sake of a minimal moment.


              “Jack,are you sure that you’re 
                talking to the right person? ”

He was used to the rather shocked expressions of
his classmates and not once would his visage falter,
giving only a simple grin in response at her utter 
disbelief, and probably thoughts of stupidity, if he 
were honest

"Well yeah, you guys disappear all the time and I was
just thinking super hard about the jellyfish and I realised
you’d been gone for ages!!  It gets a guy down not having
the important people around!”

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   ”I’m not a mystery so much as nobody asks questions.And I’m far from a ball of sunshine. His gaze may have been crestfallen and not paying attention in the slightest, but he looked back quick enough at the sound of sliced air to catch the incoming ball before it impacted. It was fun to be acknowledged, nice to be noticed, really, but there was something wrong about this situation. Too many eyes, pressuring expectation to win or lose, it all made him want to retreat back into his shell.

   And it wasn’t helping that his opponent— Benji, he thought he’d heard one of the other people in the room call him— made it sound like he had a million questions and now, in public spotlight, was the best time to ask them. I’m really not that confident.

   The myriad of precisely placed steps and turns would continue, however, and in no kinder fashion than the last would the shots ricochet back to the other side of the court. Aster could have stayed still to control it, and he’d been told several times his accuracy was far better if he did, but there was something about moving in tune with other things that made the whole thing a bit easier to control. Of course, that was before one of the balls took a sharp vertical turn and crashed into the ceiling, leaving the blond absolutely stunned. That was definitely his bad. “… Not again…

This was exhilarating, the fact it was claiming all of his attention however was amazing in itself. Benji could tell the other was growing a little uneasy though, so he figured leaving it at five balls was maybe a better idea unless the other decided to add them.

"Well guess I’ll have to take you to dinner afterwards and change that eh?" crystal hues met his upward gaze as a loud clash was heard, seemingly shattering a lightbulb though much to the blondes amusement. This boy was definitely someone he wanted to know, even beyond his pointless flirting and the like he seemed like someone Benji would get along with and potentially past surface level. Though he seemingly had a care in the world, the fact he had made all too many acquaintances around the place didn’t quite sit alright with him. He wanted to know people, wanted to see how they were outside of class but the rare few he had didn’t quite seem as engaged.

"Dodgeball in the dark? Dang you’re getting adventurou—" he barely got to finish his sentence before another yelp slipped free, almost copping a ball to the face while they were distracted elsewhere, his downfall, though nobody would have guessed otherwise. He let a soft laugh slip free, ignoring the deflated ball as it hung overhead

         ”If you get over playing don’t hesitate yeah~?
           Don’t wanna force you to stick it out y’know~”


     A deadpan spanned across them as he complimented her destructive nature; in the hollowed attempts to raise her brow so as to show acute contempt for his stance on her little problem they fell further down into something of a glare, furrowing, furrowing weighed down by disbelieve. And perhaps if he were lucky he’d be able to see from his angled down view (she was very, very tiny next to this boy which, to his credit, only exaggerating her anger) he’d be able to see the curl of her lip upward as she prepared the long awaited statement to match minutes of silence and dagger fluttered out from eyelashes:   ”You’re insane.”

I broke San Francisco. People live there!" Out came the upper lip as she twirled to grab one of the faithfully following bags, hugging it close having learned what this boy was about. One more glance upward brought about by a sharp turn of her head that sent curls flying every which way revealed her to be more concerned now then angry, ever ebbing and flowing with violate moods. "Don’t blow up my stuff.”

Cautiously did she step into the room feeling as though the click of her high heels were her only companion, chin high and expectations low, and clutching the make up bag she’d snatched to her chest pout still evident. Not a single corner was left untouched by weary gaze as she went so far as to spin in a circle. “It’s really…ugly.” Sure neat but not fun. Perhaps boring was the word she was looking for but she was never one to water down her insults. In fact, ten times out of ten she made them worse.

You need fairy lights. And a poster or two…don’t you have any pictures? And an entirely new coat of paint…” Surely she could go on but instead her legs gave out from under her and she collapsed on the bed nearest. “Do you even live here?” A pause. “Is this even my bed?” It was hard to tell when they were both perfect. “I don’t want to sit on your bed.” She said, with no intentions of getting up. Not even a twitch of her leg muscles. She had crumpled very nearly completely bad ever clutched on to her chest trail of what could assume was concealer on the cusp of her collar and a little hope she could go home on her heart.

From the ceiling where they’d locked themselves for some minutes her eyes fell on him oddly distant , maybe a little teary. “You know why they put me with you right?” A dreamy tone taken drifting all the hard edges of words into a lulled whisper despite the evident shaken state. “I broke San Francisco. I can’t ever be sad again and they expect you to make sure that happens.” Desperately, very seriously did she look up no semblance of jest on her face: a blatant insult to follow once more.”You aren’t that funny.”

I have to grow up.”

This was definitely going to make his stay in this place a lot more.. interesting than he had initially planned and judging by her current actions she wasn’t going to make any effort in making this easier. But that was fine, he could deal with pretty much anything that got thrown at him even if it happened to be a banshee with the temper akin to that of a toothpick. He would tread eggshells, do whatever the hell he had to do but he was damn well going to do it or so help him otherwise. Surely she couldn’t be that bad, right?

Though his thoughts were surely thrown off as they found themselves in the doorway and she would cuss out every last inch of the room until she’d had her fill, yet the boy still wouldn’t really say he was phased, simply watching as she made herself right at home. Truth be told, that was his bed, but he didn’t really have the heart to tell her as such and taking the other side was probably a smarter idea anyway “Yeaaaah, it’s not normally this clean. I made sure it was weirdly clean cause they told me a girl was staying. Bu~uuut as for the posters they kept telling me I was gonna be moved, not much point putting stuff up if you’re moving! But, I guess that’s not happening since we’re both here.”

His shoulders would rise and fall ever so slightly in an act of nonchalance, carefully placing her things at the foot of her claimed bed with an almost tense amount of care for fear if he moved even a single thread out of place she would rip him a new one. It wasn’t her power he was concerned about, not in the slightest, but those mood swings—tut tut tut now that would certainly take some energy to reckon with.

Though her suggestions were definitely appreciated ones as he gave an idle smile, hoping to lighten the mood as he idly shut the door behind them “Go nuts yeah? I’m pretty laid back so feel free to stick up whatever you like! Lights would be super though. They always make a place seem more—” he paused, realising that was probably a terrible train of thought but he couldn’t possibly go back now and the silence he had left in the room only made matters worse, Jack the social reject; one day he would figure it out. Maybe. “It makes it a little more homey.” And so he followed through anyway, idling about before dropping onto the bed opposite the golden haired female.

Crystal hues would carefully scan her expression as he picked it as one he knew all too well though hesitant of whether or not to mention it. It was almost empty, a look most of the new kids around here wore as they slowly came to terms with the fact that no, they wouldn’t be going back home and chances are they’d be lucky if they even go the chance to visit. Though he wouldn’t say something like that of all things, simply stretching his arms up before flopping forwards to lean against his knees

But if you ever need a friendly face I’m safe, promise! And you don’t have to worry about stuff blowing up either, I just shift gravity so no explosions or funny business~” he paused again, glancing at her mountain of things that were filled with.. god knows what “It really isn’t so bad after a little while, promise. And as for not being sad that’s kinda dumb. You can’t just never be sad again, that’s like telling someone to stop breathing.” And another gentle sigh would slip, casting his eyes down to his feet albeit only briefly before returning their attention to her once again “If I can do anything to make you feel better though feel free to name it and I’ll do whatever it takes!” Literally, he would do anything at this point.

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"So, today I gave myself a headache trying
to picture how someone would describe a
jellyfish to a blind person and thats when
I realised I shouldn’t be left alone…
                       …and that I totally miss you!”